Social Policies and Social Issues

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1. Briefly describe and contrast the views of Rawls and Nozick regarding distributive

justice. Which should apply in American social welfare policies? Briefly support your


2. List, for each category (alleviating, curing, and preventing poverty) two economically

and politically viable policies. For each, give a short rationale for why they should be


3. What have been the three periods in American history which had the most significant


in social welfare legislation? For each period, list two significant policy or

program initiatives.

4. Briefly describe evidence-based policy. How can this help in the development of social

policy? Give an example.

5. What are two key poverty policy proposals of Stoessel? Briefly assess the likely success

of each.

6. The Center for American Progress and the Brookings Institution have made anti-poverty

proposals. List 4 proposals suggested by one or the other of these organizations.

7. According to CQ Researcher, list 2 things that conservatives suggest to address

homelessness. Briefly comment on the viability of each.

8. List and briefly describe three proposals for addressing homelessness. State which you

think is the most supported by evidence and support your view.

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