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Word count: 350, only use the material I attached in file, no outside resources needed. Answer all these five questions.

For this post, please read the article, “What is Racial Domination” by M. Desmond and M. Emirbayer – at the attached file below .

After you have read the article, please answer the following questions (below).

1. How do the authors define race and why is this definition important for understanding the concept?

2. What are the structural claims for why racial categories were originally developed?

3. According to the authors, what are the five fallacies to avoid when thinking about racism?

4. Why is racial domination so resilient – despite the scientific/empirical evidence that long ago disproved the biological basis for the concept of race?

Du Bois asserts that, “the problem of the Twentieth Century, is the problem of the color line” (racism). The author wrote these words around 1903.

5. In your opinion, is the problem of the 21st Century (our time period) also the color line (racism)? Why or why not?

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