Software Development Concepts

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Submission Instructions:

Attached is the complete instructions with assignment information. This assignment requires coding skill and the ability to work with JAVA.

You will submit the following:
.cs files for C#
.java files for Java
.php and/or .js files for Web Development
Additionally, in a Word document, paste a screenshot of the output for each exercise.
You will be submitting three code files, one for each exercise (.cs, .java, .php or .js) and one Word
document in a zipped folder.
Zip these four files into a zipped folder and submit the one zipped folder.
Naming Your Files and Zip Folder
The code files should be saved as: IT213_YourLastName_UnitX_ExerciseX_Language.
The word document should be saved as: IT213_YourLastName_UnitX_Screenshots
The zip folder should be saved as: IT213_YourLastName_UnitX_ZIP

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