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 I have listed quite a number of links to special effects tutorials.  I want you to pick a special effects tutorial that you apply to a composite image of your choice.  The composite image can look realistic or a flight of fancy.  This is where your creative visualizations can be expressed.  The first two links show a variety of special effects for you to see what can be done with Photoshop.  The rest of the links each show a single tutorial starting with simple effects in the first few tutorials and increasing in difficulty for those students who want a real challenge.  There is quite a variation in the skill level of students at the beginning of this class so I don’t expect that everyone will be able to create the more complex special effects.  I am not limiting students to the tutorials that I have listed so you are free to explore any special effects that you want including overlays, gradients, hand-drawn creatures, etc.  I look forward to seeing what you can create.

The image that you create for this assignment will be used as part of the Final Project.   The size of the final image should be around 1200 pixels wide.   think ahead

For the Final Project, you will need three additional images that are related in some way to the image that you create for this project (i.e. a photo of  a fanciful landscape with three closeup images of areas near the larger image). You can choose photographs that you think are related but I won’t grade on your choice.  The three photos should be 300 pixels wide.  Keep this in mind when you decide on Project Six.  The additional smaller images won’t be due at this time.

Please create a simple effect. do not create anything complex

Links to Special Effects Tutorials

Photoshop Texture Effects
44 Best Photo Effects
Snow Overlay Tutorial
Rain Overlay Tutorial
Splash Effect Tutorial
Special Effects with Fractals Tutorial
Water Ripples Tutorial
Mapping Texture to a Face Tutorial
Create a Portrait from Text
Complex special effect applied to photograph of a dancer
Color Effects with Alpha Channel
Old newspaper and Watercolor Brush Portrait
Partial Color Effect


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