Staffing Organization and World Culture Discussion

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Question A

1. Go to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website and select one (1) case from the list. Then, assess the major federal provision that was violated. Recommend at least three (3) action steps to avoid making a similar violation as hiring manager.

2. ALSO PLEASE RESPOND TO CLASSMASTE POST WHETHER YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THEIR POST: The case of EEOC v. Robertson’s Ready Mix, LLC (C.D. Cal. April 1, 2008) is the illustration to be used for discussion. The major federal provisions that were violated were the “Civil Rights Act – Discrimination against sex” and “Executive Order – also Discrimination against sex (Heneman III, 2015).” Women were denied jobs driving cement trucks because of their sex. A company with less than 15 employees may not have a big concern of allegations as larger businesses but some states provide no exemptions. The three action steps that can be used to avoid making a similar violation as a hiring manager are to be detailed in the major duties of the job, follow closely the criteria you developed in your job analysis, and do not add or delete requirements once the interviews start. By being unified in the process, you eliminate being discriminatory toward candidates and base your choice on qualifications. These steps can be an added benefit in knowing you have selected a candidate based on qualifications and not personal feelings for the job.

Question B

Please answer all of the following questions

Listen to composition (for a symphony) by Mozart. Identify the work that you listened to, then tell us how a computer could write better music see…

Mozart was considered a child prodigy, performing throughout Europe. Cite your views on child stars and explain the impact of early success on a person with exceptional talent by mentioning a modern child star or genius (math or science or computers) whose rise and fall mirrors Mozart’s. Look over these power points about Mozart’s life to see what happened to him.

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