Strategic Medical Response Plan

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For this course, you will prepare a Strategic Medical Response Plan that answers to the threat scenario of your choice. The scenario may be a large-scale natural disaster (e.g., hurricane, tornado, or tsunami) or a manmade, asymmetrical threat scenario that is capable of generating a strategic impact (e.g., nuclear, biological, or chemical attack).

You may select the level of response that you are planning for; that is, at the level of the individual hospital, local metropolitan or county level, state level, or national level. Select the response level based on your occupational history (e.g., if you have worked for the federal government, then developing a strategic level response plan will be an appropriate assignment selection).

Your Strategic Medical Response Plan must include details in the following 9 areas:

  1. Commander’s Intent: Assume the role of the organizational leader under consideration. Detail the threat being addressed, the mission of the plan, markers for successful plan execution, and the desired end-state.
  2. Historical Context of Event: Provide an overview of previous experiences with the threat condition; if none are available, provide a theoretically sound overview of what the event would portend.
  3. Current Intelligence Overview: Detail conditions leading up to the event and key information currently available to planners and decision makers.
  4. Assumptions and Limitations of the Plan: Provide detailed assumptions about plan execution, and list theoretically feasible limitations impacting on the successful execution of the plan.
  5. Concept of Operations: Provide a detailed overview of how the level of organization under consideration will execute the plan.
  6. Tasks and Responsibilities: Provide at least “1-up” and “10-down” tasks and responsible actions of the organization’s senior agency (the “1-up”) and offices, departments, and agencies under command of the organization (the “10-down”).
  7. Logistics: Provide an overview of the concept of operations for logistical support of the plan operation.
  8. Communications: Provide an overview of the concept of operations for maintaining communications during the plan operation.
  9. Command and Control: Provide an overview of the concept of operations for maintaining command and control (C2) using the National Incident Management System (NIMS), Incident Command System (ICS), or Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) model from the National Response Framework discussed during class.

Although this is an academic requirement designed to exercise concepts discussed during the course, it is expected that you will develop your own style of planning formats. Information regarding plan templates and previous plan iterations done at each level of response (i.e., tactical, operational, and strategic correlating to the local, state, and federal levels of response available for Key Assignment selection) are available on the Internet. The highest scores will be awarded to students who demonstrate strategic research with regard to selecting plan formats.

3-4 pages

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