Studies show that most people change jobs at least 6 times in their careers after college, Trifold brochure help

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Please follow instructions and everything that I uploaded for guidance on this assignment! The professor also said this in regards to the assignment

“Studies show that most people change jobs at least 6 times in their careers after college.

I have attached a chronology that I use in class of an actual person’s chronology. Please note that sometimes plans work and sometimes a person has to make lemonade out of lemons. The important thing is to learn from every opportunity and make yourself more competitive.

Reminder – focus on the audience and purpose. While you may be developing a plan in your own area, you are writing for students who have just completed their educations and are entering the job market for the first time. 

I also remind you to look at the # 3 Resources in Bridges, especially the samples.”

Also in regards to the outline created these were her comments:

This is much more than an outline, But it’s a great start.  Some cautions:

1. Do not use 1st person.  Your audience is an unknown group of graduating students who are interested in the field, not in you.

The plan should be concrete in terms of seeking employment.  Please review the samples in Resources.

A brochure provides information “at a glance.” References and citations are inappropriate (exception – specific data – and then you would use a parenthetical citation for the ref.) 


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