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Here I am attaching last week’s project since this discussion is a continuation of that project so you can be guided to continue with the same topic

Week 7 Discussion: Presentation of Course Project: Part 3 (Graded)

**Please Note: This Discussion is linked to your Week 6: Course Project Part 3 Assignment**


The purpose of this discussion is to present the information from Course Project Part 3. This discussion provides an opportunity for you to understand your classmates’ viewpoints that may differ from your own and will enhance learning.


· Discussions are designed to promote dialogue between faculty and students, and students and their peers. In discussions students:

· Demonstrate understanding of concepts for the week

· Integrate outside scholarly sources when required

· Engage in meaningful dialogue with classmates and/or instructor

· Express opinions clearly and logically, in a professional manner

· Use the rubric on this page as you compose your answers.

· Best Practices include:

· Participation early in the week is encouraged to stimulate meaningful discussion among classmates and instructor.

· Enter the discussion often during the week to read and learn from posts.

· Select different classmates for your reply each week.


This discussion prompts you to identify and discuss cultural competence in professional nursing. You must present your Week 6: Course Project Part 3 Poster to your classmates. Please 
submit the poster as an attachment so your classmates can review this information. Please address the following in the discussion box:

1. Cultural population selected and why

2. Health issue selected and why

3. Highlight three or more key points from your poster

Scholarly outside sources are included and credited on your poster.

Poor and inactive lifestyle causes major health conditions such as Cancer and heart diseases.

These issues are affecting Hispanic adults exposed to socioeconomic disadvantage.

28% of Hispanic adults do not have medical insurance, therefore lack of access to good healthcare.

The focus on Hispanic community needs to be health education.

The community is unaware of healthy lifestyle habits.

This will help target the home environment where poor lifestyle choices are rampant.

Participate in regular screening and examination.

Schulze, M. B., Martínez-González, M. A., Fung, T. T., Lichtenstein, A. H., & Forouhi, N. G. (2018). Food based dietary patterns and chronic disease prevention. bmj, 361.

Temple, N. J. (2022). Diet, health, and prevention: A revolution in progress against chronic diseases of lifestyle. Universal-Publishers.

Hispanic adult diet/lifestyle and the incidence of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Health Issue

Best Practice Tips


Oscar L Perez Torres


Project Part 3

Cultural Community

20% of the 60 million of the U.S population are Hispanic.

Healthy living lifestyle is a major problem.

There is high prevalence of CVD and cancer diseases among Hispanic adults.

Obesity and overweight are major precursors of high prevalence rate of chronic diseases.

Cultural sensitivity is the foundation of effective CV and cancer prevention education.

Clinical Impact

Cancer and heart diseases have a huge impact on the Hispanic adults.

Hispanic adults are unaware of healthy lifestyle habits.

This causes a huge burden on the health system.

Chronic diseases affects the community both financially and socioeconomically.




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