tacoCopter is a technology that uses drones, English homework help

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TacoCopter is a technology that uses drones to deliver fast food
tacos ordered online to your home.

Suppose that TacoCopter
gains popularity and competing fast food chains implement similar drones to
deliver their foods inexpensively. The job market suffers because human food
delivery jobs are lost to fully ­digital drones. An economic collapse results in
spiking food prices, and the fast food industry creates a monopoly, becoming
the sole
source of food for all but the most rich and powerful.

In order to secure their
monopoly in any given area, fast food chains begin to use anti­drone technology
to shoot competing drones down. Soon, those living in these neighborhoods know
that they must only order from the most powerful fast food chain in their area.
With no refunds and no guarantees on food delivery in rival territories,
ordering from any other chain is a financial risk that ordinary families simply
can’t take.

As the only way to
obtain food is through these TacoCopters, stray animals soon recognize the
sound of delivering drones and follow the drones in packs. The unemployed
living on the streets, if hungry enough, also follow drone delivery paths in an
attempt to intercept. If the intended recipients of food delivery do not
swiftly retrieve their
delivered food, the food delivery may devolve into a battle against street
people or wild beasts.

People become afraid to
travel from their homes and they dare not move because outside is a drone
warfare zone. Sriracha or flaming drone debris falling from the sky may strike
innocent bystanders at any moment. Defensive measures are built into homes to
preserve their structural integrity. If the breadwinners for a family cannot
carry out their job remotely, they risk life and limb to travel to the work
daily­­just to make the money necessary to order the food from the fast food
companies that now rule over their civilization.

Now, write your own!
(Here is an especially potentially­ terrifying robot that might be fun to use:

Click the link in
the Purple Box to
view the video on Heinz Automato 4 Robot.

Your apocalypse
speculation summary should be no less than 250 words long. Especially address:

How and why the
technology was initially created.

How the technology

When the technology got
out of hand.

How the technology
caused the end of the world.

Overall, what does this
end of the world mean about humankind?




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