TEXTBOOK: The Humanities Through the Arts, Author: Lee A Jacobus & F. David Martin, Publisher: McGraw Hill, Edition: 11th Edition. After reading Chapter 5 really well, number (1 – 5) each of your

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TEXTBOOK: The Humanities Through the Arts, Author: Lee A Jacobus & F. David Martin, Publisher: McGraw Hill, Edition: 11th Edition.

After reading Chapter 5 really well, number (1 – 5) each of your discussion answers to the following five discussion questions:

  1. Review “space and shapes” on page 73. How does pictorial space in paintings differ from the sensory interconnections in sculptural space?
  2. Discuss the power of the human body when presented as sculpture in the round. Compare “The The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer” by Degas, Figure 5-6 to “Mary Magdalene” by Donatello, Figure 5-10.
  3. Discuss the “Truth to Materials” movement. Why did this movement arise in the early part of the 20th century and what was its impact? Use an example of a sculpture within your answer.
  4. Review “Focus On: African Sculpture,” page 121. Examine the five African sculptures in this section for their use of space, simplification of form, and sense of dynamics. Using examples, discuss which are most stable and which are most dynamic.
  5. What memorable public sculpture have you encountered? Where is it located? Describe it. How did it make an impression on you and was it positive or negative?

Remember, your participation and response should clearly reflect your reading, understanding of the chapter, and specific content for this session.


Listed below are some of the available sculpture sites on the Internet.

Nasher Sculpture Center –

One of the premier sculpture museums in America, the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas features a large collection of mostly contemporary sculptures, although there are some classic pieces as well. Click on the Art link, then choose “Collection” for more photos and information about the sculptures. Enjoy exploring the site.

International Sculpture Center

– The publisher of Sculpture magazine, this site features interesting information on contemporary sculptors. Click on the right arrow under the photo to start a slide show. To view more information about any sculptor, click on his/her name. This will lead to information about the artist and photos of more of the works.

Storm King Art Center –

The Storm King Art Center is perched in the hills near the Hudson River and is designed to give large sculptures the space they deserve. The photo at the top left is a link to a documentary film about the center.


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