The discussion question

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I want one paragraph for each part as feedback comment to my classmate work at the discussion. First I’ll but my answer and example for the feedback that I got to my answer so you can know what is my thought for this assignment then I’ll but the classmate answer that you need to give them feedback as a response from me in this discussion,

The discussion question:

Discuss initial discussion post your ideas for how TFA could use analytics to improve their overall communication strategy. What ideas would you give them if you were hired as a consultant to help them use data and analytics to set goals and increase conversions.

My answer:

How TFA could use analytics to improve their overall communication strategy
Teach For America (TFA) internal communication department can use team data analytics to ensure an effective communication strategy among their employees that are located in different parts of the country. To keep staff connected to the organization, data analytics is an effective tool in improving employee engagement through team dynamics for companies benefit. First, they can use data to identify the channel that attracts most traffic and optimize that to pass across the intended message. Second, recognize each dataset and use the information to formulate clear visualized image based on context. The staff understanding greatly depends on their role and whether they are getting the correct information from the presentation (Wamba et al., 2017). Therefore, data from the employees can be used to optimize the communication channel and content creation. Lastly, while focusing on continuous improvement of the channels of communication, they should also consider employee input that provides insights. Data feedbacks from the staff about the communication channels can be a powerful tool in achieving the intended objective within the presentation.
What ideas would you give them if you were hired as a consultant to help them use data and analytics to set goals and increase conversions?
To begin with, they can personalize the communication channels with behavioral characteristics. Each staff member has their preferred choice of communication tool. It can be much easier if analytics is used to identify employees based on segment and utilize that to communicate the intended message for a greater understanding without creating boredom. Secondly, use updated technology that is user-friendly and synced with their organizational goals. Data from the organizational goals can be used to identify areas that need improvement (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). Analyzing collected data makes it less difficult for the management when selecting the right channels to conduct training targeted at improving productivity. The third idea would be to use data and analytics can track staff members engagement and turnover rate. It is useless to send out a video that is not being watched by the staff. Therefore, to make a difference, it is important to track the effectiveness of the communication and make any relevant changes if needed.

Answer example:

You make great suggestions on how to help them use data and analytics effectively and efficient. I also think that making sure the most viewed pages are easily visible and quickly accessible from your homepage. Develop a call to action on pages with the highest bounce rates so users continue to engage on your site.



You are right. So often employees are not encouraged to submit their ideas to improve sales and service. These employees are right in the heart of the system, and they can see on a daily basis what works well and which parts of the system slow them down or are repetitive.

I once worked for a company which duplicated steps within the sales and service process, and these duplication made it appear to new clients that someone was not listening to them as they had to provide the same information time and time again. This cause a lack of trust within the customer base and fear can kill a sale of a new website/website redesign quicker than anything.

Had this employer wanted to listen to us, we could have told them where the pain points were in their process and helped them streamline and reduce a 20% cancellation rate in this segment of the business.


Internal communication and training professionals need to cultivate employee buy-in and engagement for each campaign or course they launch. An inspired workforce goes hand-in-hand with increased employee morale, productivity and improved customer satisfaction, driving better top- and bottom-line results.

I worked with Charter to increase employee morale and performance through the creation of a gamification of continuing training and employee socialization through a program called Workplace. We tested this in the St. Louis market with solid success, but I left the program before it could be implemented company wide, so I have no idea if the idea truly caught on, or if our enthusiasm at the local level pushed the performance numbers.

Our metrics were % of employees utilizing the system on a weekly and daily basis. Another metric was the time it took for an employee to complete continuing education on this system with gamification vs. the old system. We also looked at the socialization traffic, how many messages were sent and received to teams, individuals, and how this banter created increased competition among the sales force and customer service teams, two areas we targeted for improvement.

Ultimately, if your employees are not well trained, engaged and enthused your product line will suffer, no matter what goods or services you sell. There are a few companies that make social component interfaces with social media for corporate use, I would strongly advise people check them out.



If you have Questions please feel free to ask.

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