The Olympic games and Politics

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This is a short research paper, a minimum of 1 page and a maximum of 2 pages, single spaced, 12 point font. WORTH 100 POINTS

Write an analysis of the relationship between sports and politics focusing on the Olympic games. Pick one of the Olympic games, tell me

– The year the games were held
– Where they were held (Country, city)
– The prevailing ideology of that country at the time of the games. What was the “political message” being sent
– What resources were used to deliver the message (TV? particular athletes? etc)
– How was the message delivered, give examples here of how the political agenda was delivered.

* Use 3 sources for this research (you can use any source, books, articles, broadcasts, etc). Use google to search for information if you wish.
* At the end of your paper, list these sources and include links to them. When links are not available (such as books) appropriately cite the work using APA style (you can google this or ask the library). Here is an examples of how to cite a book
Author, Title of the book. publisher, year of publication

As an example, I will use the 1936 Olympics in Berlin to illustrate what I want for this assignment (YOU MAY NOT WRITE ABOUT THE ’36 OLYMPICS)

In 1936 Germany hosted the Summer Olympic games, at the time Hitler was ruling the county and he used the games to advance his political agenda of Aryan (or Nordic) Supremacy. Germany spent a lot of money (funded by the government) training their “Aryan” athletes in order to secure their victory. Victory on the athletic field, according to their vision, would illustrate this “supremacy” that was the basis of Hitler’s regime. Jewish athletes were not allowed to compete for Germany.

Jesse Owens, and African American, was the star of the USA Track team. At one point Hitler refused to shake Owen’s hand, implying that Owens was “beneath” Hitler as a human being. Moreover, the fact that Owens won his events , set new records and defeated Hitler’s hand picked “Aryan” athlete went far in discrediting Hitler’s ideology and political agenda and in advancing the Allies agenda worldwide.

This is a short example of the type of analysis I am looking for. When you tell me about the particular games you are analyzing, only spend about 1 paragraph “setting the stage”, that means telling me what the events were, what the political agenda was. I have studied the Olympic games so assume that I know what you are talking about. Focus the bulk on your writing on your analysis of the relationship between sports an politics, and giving examples of this relationship between the games and politics.

Keep quotes to a minimum, and when quoting one of your sources make sure to use quotation marks.

VERY IMPORTANT: Write this assignment as a Word document, and attach it. DO NOT write in the text box provided.

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