The use of biometrics as a security measure is flawed

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Proposal Requirements

  • In your proposal:
    • Choose a specific area within your career field or field of study and conduct research to identify a problem. You should have some experience with the topic.
    • Identify your proposed solution(s).
    • Identify your audience. Your audience should be individualized for your topic: for example, a board of directors for a company.
    • Cite the research you used to develop your proposal.

The successful proposal will include:

  • A paragraph that defines the purpose of your project (what do you want to see happen as a result of the project?) and identifies the problem and solution(s).
  • A paragraph that identifies the audience and gives some background on its place in the argument.
  • A paragraph that identifies your audience’s position.
  • Proposed research and discussion of the sources you have found so far.


  • The title page should have your name, the instructor’s name, class, date, and your original title for the paper.
  • Pages should be numbered.
  • The paper should be 1-2 pages in length, not counting the title or reference pages.
  • Use APA to format the paper. Be sure to include a References page.

Peer Review

Next, review two of your peers’’ proposals and provide them with feedback. Here are the questions you should address for each proposal you review. Please copy the questions and write the answers underneath each question (it helps if you write your answers in a color other than black so that they are easy to distinguish from the questions). Also, feel free to provide additional commentary. Additionally, point out any spelling or grammar errors that you come across.

  • What is the writer’s purpose for the proposal?
  • Has the writer made the intended audience for the Project clear? If not, how might the writer do so? ”
  • Does the writer define terms and provide necessary background information so that you can understand the main points of the project? If not, what additional information would be helpful to you as a reader?
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the writer’s hypothesis. Does it make sense to you as a reader? If not, how can the writer improve his or her effectiveness?
  • Do you have any additional advice for the writer regarding ways in which he or she might improve the proposal?

Download the templateView in a new window to help you to create a successful proposal.

I have also atttached the sample proposal

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