Theater Response Paper "Chicago"

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ASSIGNMENT: In this class, we have studied theatre history, the different professions of theatre including playwriting, acting, directing, and design, and the major styles of theatre. We now look at the theatre UTC produces with a critical eye. Write a 1-to-2-page review of CHICAGO A review is an informed critical opinion of the production. Apply your knowledge of theatre as a standard of success to the UTC production ofCHICAGO.

Before you see the show, think about the parts of theatre that interest you. They may be the plot or theme, the acting, design elements, or the director’s staging and concept. When you see the show, pay attention to these things and respond to them. Some things to think about are, how does the plotting and theme play out, which actors are outstanding in their performance, how do the parts of the production work together to create the performance, or how does the staging and overall direction of the play carry out the director’s concept. CHICAGO is a musical, so pay attention to how music and dance play into the performance. Make sure to focus your response on the production you are watching Pay attention to your responses and the response of the audience around you and use specific examples of when you feel engaged in the play, which character, scene, or design element stands out in your mind, or other notable moments from the production. Use descriptive language for your observation and develop a conclusion, which is a recommendation for the play. The paper should tell your reader to see the play or not.

In a review, accuracy is important. Be sure to get the correct names of characters and the actors who portray them, the playwright, the director and the designers. They are all included in the program. Be brief and accurate. The length of the paper should be no longer than 2 pages.

Students will be graded on the following areas

  1. Format (15 Points): Paper follows MLA format guidelines, including first page header in proper order, alignment and content; page number and name header with proper orientation and content; titles of works properly formatted, and names properly spelled and capitalized. For information included in the program, notes from class, and concepts from our text, you may cite in-paper. The assignment is about your critical thinking, and no outside research is assigned, or desired. You may use the text, the program and class notes and cite the passage in-text.
  2. Organization (20 Points): Paper has an organizational structure, roughly following introduction, including a thesis statement, body of paper, including specific examples organized in a logical fashion, and a conclusion. Students will employ paragraphs to organize their thoughts.
  3. Grammar (20 Points): Paper properly uses formal English including proper use of vocabulary, correct verb-subject agreement, correct verb tense use including avoiding verb tense shifts, and avoidance of slang or informal language. First person pronouns weaken a paper, but are acceptable in limited use.
  4. Content (20 Points): Paper critically responds to UTC Theatre’s production of CHICAGO. The successful paper will use specific examples, clear description and come to a reasoned conclusion of a recommendation of the production. The paper should be 1 to 2 pages long


Velma Kelly……………Kimberly Rhye

Roxie Hart……………..Rachel Shannon

Fred Casely……………..Nick Sterling

Amos Hart………………Jesse Wilyat

Matron Mama Morton………..Katey Dailey

Billy Flynn………….Mark Elich

Marry Sunshine………….Mikki White

Director-Steve Ray

Musical Direction Tim Hink

Choreography- Andrew Parker, Kristin Nalley

Set Design- Adam Miecielica

Lighting Design-Alex Miller-Long

Costume Design- Kim Davis

Technical Direction- John R Burgess

Stage Management- Sami Burns

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