Theory of’ writing

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outline for the essay

  1. Introduction
  • Initial thinking
  • The idea of transfer
  • Income
  1. Body 1
  • Transfer
  • Examples from reading combining with experience. Project 3: how applied two other project into the third one.
  1. Body 2
        • How genre, audience, and rhetorical situation influence on my current thinking
        • Examples The first project: definition and tinker part
  1. Body 3
  • my rule change during the studying
  • Example, writing style in high school vs different project done in college
  1. Conclusion
  • My theory of writing

Initial thinking

Writing is a process that converting your ideas or thoughts to text.

The good examples and writing skills can persuade audience to support the writers’ ideas or opinions. It requires to choose appropriate topic, matching resources, good arrangement, plenty of writing skills and great word choices. An appropriate topic will attract audience attention. Resources will support author’s idea and arguments. A good arrangement will make audience can understand what the author want to express in the article. Writing skills and good word choices, like pathos, ethos, will make the audience willing to accept the author’s opinions. The most important idea of writing is using different kind of skills to persuade audience. Rhetoric, the art of effective communication, is most useful skill through the writing process. Writing is kind of way to communicate with someone to share the idea/experience or convince others to support your argument. The rhetoric appeals are the strategies to support the authors’/writers’ opinion and persuade people why they should believe the authors.

Writing is a difficult task for me, because it is hard to transfer what you think to sentences. Sometimes, I need to read a lot for articles and annotate them in order to write one essay. And finding the relations between different articles is a challenge.

This essay is project 4.

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