Touro College Module 4 XYZ Company Organizational Research Study

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 Organizational Research Study


Assume you are an I/O Psychologist and have been contacted by a large organization to conduct a research study for them. You meet with a team from management and they explain to you that they are concerned that employee morale is low but employees won’t admit to anything being wrong when a manager approaches them. Work output has gotten messier with more errors and employees are not attending voluntary training opportunities that, in the past, always had maximum attendance. The company wants to conduct a research study to address their concerns so that changes can be implemented.

1. Discuss a problem statement, possible research question, and a hypothesis based on the given information.

2. Describe how the research could be conducted using the following research methods:

a. Laboratory

b. Quasi-experimental 1 / 2

c. Questionnaire

d. Observation

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