Twin and Adoption Studies sociology homework help

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Discussion 1

Twin and Adoption Studies

Ultimately, if heredity is a factor, there must be some basic biological differences between those who are prone to develop alcohol dependence and those who are not. But the initial task of researchers was simply to establish the extent to which alcohol dependence does or does not run in families.

Cultural Differences

Statistically, the odds of becoming alcohol dependent have in the past varied significantly from country to country. This is not a matter of genetic differences. The genetic differences within racial and ethnic groups are greater than the differences between groups. Alcohol consumption varies widely from country to country.

  1. Discuss the studies and research of Donald Goodwin, a clinician researcher who conducted some of the important initial work on the topic of alcoholism and the role of genetics.
  2. Compare the research of Goodwin to current research and the biological differences between those who are prone to develop alcohol dependence and those who are not.
  3. Assess the extent to which alcohol dependence does or does not run in families.
  4. Assess the relationship of alcoholism to gender, racial/ethnic and religion.

Discussion Participation (30%)

Grading Rubric and Participation Requirements


  1. One primary post (New Topic) as your initial discussion post thread – min. 200 words/post
  2. One secondary response (Respond) to classmates – min. 100 words/post


  • All posts are to be substantive responses reflective of the reading content.
  • Each post will be graded per the overall grading rubric for content and adherence to the performance guidelines
  • Primary post earns up to 20 points
  • Response to peers earns up to 17.5 points

Posting Tip:

Posting is not just posting what every other student posts, but about bringing out original and insightful ideas on, in this case, the discussion board. Therefore, you should strive each week to improve your posting skills by offering thorough and clear writings by bringing up fresh perspectives on the given topic.

Due Date:

  • All discussion submissions must be entered by 11:59 pm EST Sundays as specified in the course schedule, with the initial post due on Wednesday.
  • No late submissions will be accepted or graded.

Other Requirements:

  1. Discussion questions must meet the APA formatting meaning you cannot just copy information from a website.
  2. Use scholarly peer-reviewed resources to support your viewpoints.
  3. Use a minimum of one resource to support your position.
  4. Do not write the website address as your reference (, but write the resource meeting the APA formatting. (Examples were provided under the announcements).
  5. DO NOT use resources such as Wikipedia, eHow, WiseGEEK, Wikihow, About… If in doubt please ask.

The purpose of the discussions are to discuss the topic(s) and further the discussion. It is a best practice when responding to your peers to:

  1. Write an overview of what the student stated
  2. Provide your original thoughts and opinion
  3. Utilize supporting resources
  4. Follow up with a question

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