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what I need is a 5-6 short questions to be answered. Not specific style. It can be an essay or bullet point style.

Note: You may quote the textbook in your written assignment as long as you use quotation marks and page numbers and follow quotes with an explanation of what the quote MEANS. You may quote external sources if you provide a link, but do not include other people’s analysis of the ideas. You are being graded on YOUR analysis of the ideas. If a video clip would help to illustrate your claims, feel free to email me a link.

1. Explain how Weber’s study of the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism is different than Marx’s historical materialist approach. What accounts for the rise of capitalism for Marx (this can be a sentence or two)? For Weber (this should be a thorough explanation)? Are you more inclined to agree with Marx’s historical materialism or Weber’s more complex view on the role of ideas? What are the strengths and weaknesses within Weber’s theory connecting the Protestant Ethic to the rise of capitalism? What alternative explanations could be offered to help explain the rise capitalism?

You don’t need to quote the textbook, but please quote any sources you use to answer the questions please.

These are the questions.

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