Two pages proposal about Dred Scott Decision

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For this proposal, three (3) sources must be used. There should be at one prime source. For this assignment you are limited to only 1 internet source. Save all internet sources. You may be requested to print it out at a later time.

Instructions for Proposals

1. Cover page with a descriptive title and often a sub-title; Name class date etc lower corner

2. Several concise paragraphs which explains your topic and your goal. It must clearly indicate what you will be researching, and why it is important . It should convey your interest in the topic. Convince me that this is a good topic for you. (2-3 paragraphs)Double space

3.An annotated bibliography of (3) three sources. Annotated simply means that, in your own words, you describe the sources content. It should be brief no more than 2-3 paragraphs per source. Please include one prime source. Double space your annotation

4. A tentative outline of what your presentation will cover.

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