Understanding Corporate Structure, questions help

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1. Watch
the short video on basic corporate structure and business entities. The video
helps explain some of the legal nuances of a corporation and compares the
corporation to other types of business entities discussed in the

friend has asked you to help her decide how to protect her soon-to-be-opened
bakery from liability, while still maintaining a business structure that fits
her needs. Compare and contrast two (2) different possible business entities
that would be suitable for her and explain why. Be sure to support your response
with legal reasoning

2.In the lesson for Week 7, you studied white collar crimes and criminals. The
scenario depicted a variety of corrupt behaviors and crimes by a police officer.
Answer the following questions:

  • Determine what type of white collar crime was committed. In that category,
    there are a number of different crime types based on offender and victim.
    Identify where this crime falls in that list of crime types, and explain why you
    think this.
  • There are several parallels between professional criminals and this
    offender. Based on the type of white collar crime committed, identify and
    describe some of the parallels and how they apply to this specific offender

3.From both e-Activities, compare the main similarities and differences between
corporate crime and insider trading. Determine if the fines / sentences handed
down for those involved were appropriate or if more should have been done.

  • As a result of these crimes discussed in both e-Activities, explain what
    legislation, if any, has been enacted to prevent the criminal acts in question
    from occurring again.
  • YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSmX4nz5ugM

    YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgKE0NVVSc0


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