unit 6 research interest group

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Assignment – Interest Groups

As we discussed, there are many different interest groups that exist in the United States today. For this activity, you will choose one such group and do some research to figure out what it does and how it does it. Follow these steps:

  • Select an interest group from the list. If you’d like to do a different group that is not listed, please get approval from your instructor before you begin.
  • Research the web and other resources for information about your chosen interest group. Be sure to check out their official homepage for the most reputable information. You will need a total of 3 sources in all.
  • Find information about the group’s beliefs – what do the stand for? – and how they go about supporting their interests – do they lobby Congress, encourage grassroots letter writing campaigns, organize protests, etc.?
  • Write a 1-2 page essay summarizing your group’s beliefs and actions. Be sure to also include your source list of at least 3 sources.

Once you’ve completed your essay, submit it to your instructor.

Point value: 50 points

Grading Rubric:

  • Topic is an interest group from the list, or other pre-approved topic – 5 points
  • Bibliography of at least 3 research sources is included – 10 points
  • Essay is between 1-2 full pages in length – 5 points
  • Essay factually and thoroughly explains the role of selected interest group, their issue of concern, involvement in lobbying, etc. – 30 points

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