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Divisive Leadership

Type of paper:

Critical thinking


Hospitality concept

Format or citation style:


Paper instructions:

Points of note in dealing with the paper.

1. College level English expected (only use simple/basic words)

2. APA format.

3. References expected (5-6 references)

4. Spelling and Grammar matter.

5. 500-750 words does not mean 200 or 2000.

6. Reference page (this should be page 4)


French Election:

A presidential election clearly has a Leadership component. In order to better understand the environment in which we are travelling, please review the media coverage (link below) about the presidential election in France.

The topic used here was selected for two reasons:

1. it is a unique opportunity to visit a country in transition during a Leadership seminar and therefore it should be explored by the traveler before arriving and

2. There are some issues where your understanding makes you better prepared for your travel in both Paris and Strasbourg (particularly during your free time). *side note: both reasons are related to our upcoming seminar trip to Paris and Strasbourg.


If using a grand idea (e.g. railroad across the country of Canada or ‘constantly focusing on innovation (Apple)) can unite a country or employees of a company, similarly a divisive idea can threaten to tear apart a country or a company.

In 500-750 words (2-3 pages), write about the use of ‘divisive leadership’.

Relate the concept back to hospitality and your understanding of how best to ‘lead’ any organization. You can focus on advantages and disadvantages of the use of ‘divisive leadership’ or on just disadvantages of this leadership style outside of politics and within the business environment (specifically Hospitality).

France election links: (please use the links provided. You can also check other links to add more ideas/references but do utilize what’s provided)



Divisive Leadership links:



Rubric for the paper:

A: Exceeds expectations. Student clearly understands and explains concepts in College level English. Insightful consideration of the topic is outlined to the reader.

B: Meets expectations. Student explains concepts in College level English. It is clear that the student has read and understands the topic, but little beyond the obvious is offered to the reader.

C: Below expectations. Student does not clearly demonstrate the concepts being studied. Either the quality of the writing is below College level standards or the explanation fails to demonstrate understanding.


please do follow the instructions and rubric for the paper


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