discussion question bradbury ray fahrenheit 451 new york del rey book 1991

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Week 5 Discussion Question- Use this link and pdf>> (http://salempress.com/store/pdfs/fahrenheit_pgs.pdf)  Sommers(1).pdf   

Ahh, classic Ray Bradbury. This prompt is a little different because I actually included my own recently published article to both give you a bit of criticism, but also lead you down a path of practice with theory:

Using my article as a quick guide, I’d like you all to engage in the briefest of dialogic criticism. You’ve only got a few hundred words to work with, so think about it as a very well-organized paragraph where you look at one example of something from 451 and give a honest to goodness solid crack at doing a theoretical read of that one bit. You have my article to guide you and the other article to provide you with a little background. Give it a shot and do your best! At least 200 words

Have at it, use (short) quotations/ citations, and have a good discussion.

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