due 1/9

A challenge many teachers face is identifying effective ways to engage students in meaningful dialogue that advances thinking and elicits critical, higher-order responses based on current learning needs.  The purpose of this assignment is to design questions that encourage critical and higher-order thinking. To complete the assignment, you will explore appropriate question-asking methods for grade and ability levels.   Select an elementary grade level and identify aligning national or state English language arts standards. Identify at least 1-2 standards that you can integrate into a realistic question and answer dialogue between you (the teacher) and one or more students. In 500-750 words, the dialogue should include: •A focus on a topic or activity related to reading or writing a grade-level literary or informational text (e.g., discussing a mentor text, discussing the structures of texts, brainstorming during a writing workshop session, etc.) • At least three grade-level appropriate questions that elicit higher-order and critical thinking within the content area  In an additional 100-250 words, list the standards selected and explain how the dialogue teaches the skills described in the standards.

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