Harry Potter Themed Paper

MUST BE KNOWLEDGEABLE ON HARRY POTTER to do this essay assignment. 500-600 Word double spaced MLA format Harry Potter centered paper. MUST BE ABOUT ANY FAVORITE ASPECT FROM/OF HARRY POTTER. (EXP: The depictions of friendships shown in Harry Potter) NO PLAGARISM. 



The first paper should be 500-600 words, typed, double-spaced, and in MLA format (check online for headings, conventions, etc.). In it, you should address the following:

What aspect of Harry Potter appeals to you?

You should use at least two sources to support your discussion of Rowling’s work and document your research in MLA format. Your paper should have a thesis statement that explains what the main points, some paragraphs that link to one another, and a conclusion that sum everything up. Your sources should be cited in MLA format and should not be one of the seven novels. Use any credible database to find relevant sources to your discussion. For example, if you enjoy the depiction of friendship in Harry Potter, find a source with critical discussion of the relationships between friends in the story. If you like what Harry Potter teaches about bullying, find a source that addresses bullying and Harry Potter. The goal is to show me how you integrate sources into your discussion. You may use first person for this essay.

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