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Watch the Film  Mr. Roberts

Starring:       Henry Fonda, James Cagney, Jack Lemmon

APA:              Ford, H. (Director). (1954). Mr Roberts. Los Angeles: Warner Brothers

And answer the following questions on a Word document: 

Question #1

Despite his superior rank, the captain was not respected as a leader.  In contrast, Mister Roberts was widely admired by the crew, and even beloved to some extent.  What actions did you see Mister Roberts take throughout the movie that would have contributed to his men viewing him in this regard as a leader?

Question #2

Were any of Mister Roberts ’actions detrimental to his ability to act as a leader?  In particular, examine the challenges he encountered in leading in the days after the men returned from their island liberty.

Question #3

Ensign Pulver asks Mr. Roberts, “What do you really think of me, honestly?”  Mister Roberts replies, “I think you’re the most hapless, lazy, disorganized, and in general lecherous person I’ve have known in my entire life.”  He then goes on to dress him down in even more specific terms.  What do you think of a leader using such brutal honesty?  Mister Roberts in part defends what he says by stating that Pulver asked him, but even so, does that give a leader full license to criticize someone so harshly?  Does the fact that the criticism may have been completely true justify it?  What about the ship’s doctor being present?

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