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1st assignments(2 pages)

In this assignment, you will go back to the readings in “Effective Diversity Planning” and choose one of the companies listed under the heading: “What should diversity plans include?” You will compare that company’s diversity plan to the 10 common components of a diversity plan.

In a 2 page paper, give a general overview of the plan you chose for this assignment. Consider each of the 10 components and describe how the company has included this component. Be specific in your findings. If you do not see evidence of a component, consider how you believe the company might include the component.

In addition, provide ideas you have about how this plan can be improved in order to increase its effectiveness.

2nd assignment(approx 1 to 2 pages pages)

Review the Sherwood Manufacturing case study again. This assignment can be framed with what you see in the case already, but also you can make assumptions about the environment as well. Simply include your assumptions into your report.

Your assignment is to create an overview (or a baseline, which if developed would require greater detail) of a diversity plan for Sherwood. Use each of the 10 common components of a diversity plan.

For this assignment, you are not provided a specific page limit as you are encouraged to use bullets, numbering, or paragraph format depending on what you prefer. In general, you should anticipate about 1-2 paragraphs per component. If you select bullets or numbering, you will want to use complete thought rather than a simple term/phrase. For example, rather than “employee survey”, consider, “employee survey will be taken annually measuring employee perception of his or her manager’s fairness to all employees”.   

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