what not to do corner reality therapy

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Having read the “What Not to Do” corner, look for one or several episodes of “Reality Therapy” talk shows which exemplify the discussed what-not-to-do principle (client judging). TV and Youtube are full of examples of what you, as a family therapist, should avoid (e.g., Dr. Drew’s interview with Nadya Suleman, etc.). You may choose to watch a YouTube or other available video, or a current or recorded television show where a TV personality such as Dr. Drew or Dr. Phil is working with onstage “clients.” Find a video where the audience is allowed to comment to the clients in a judgmental manner. Does the therapist (Dr. Drew, Dr. Phil or other host) intervene on behalf of the client(s)? Or do they allow the audience to become a part of the entertainment at the cost of the client’s fear?

Write a 2-page analysis of the therapist behavior you have observed. In your paper, include who the therapist and client were and the overall goal of the intervention. Also include the URL if the video was accessed online so the instructor may watch the same video to provide appropriate feedback to your work.

First, factually describe the therapist’s and audience members’ behavior and the client’s reactions. The description should be neutral and should include only facts (e.g., an audience member accused the client of lying, the client tilted his head down and started crying). In this section of the paper, you are describing only what you observed (not your assumptions or emotional reactions to the therapy session).

In the second section of the paper, analyze the effect of the therapist’s and audience members’ behavior on the overall intervention goal. Analyze possible reasons for the behavior chosen by the therapist and suggest what feelings the methods might have caused in the client.

As the conclusion, suggest how the situation should have been handled and give the reasoning behind your suggestions.

Use APA format and credit the used materials appropriately.

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