wk 3 writing assignment help needed due 6 7 15 1

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  1. WK 3 Assignment.jpg – Please read carefully
  2. Stroud-Simmons Z_Assignment 3 – Continuance.docx

I have completed the thesis paragraph of 215 words. Your part will be a continuance (785 words)

Length:1000-1200 words

Other Tips to Consider:For this essay, you will analyze either the causes of a phenomenon or the effects of a phenomenon.Please choose one of these two strategies for your essay.

Students sometimes try to analyze both causes and effects.Please do not take this approach.

The length and breadth of this essay is not sufficient to allow you to analyze both causes and effects in a thorough fashion.For example, if you write about the impact of online classes on education, you would analyze the causes (e.g., what factors led to the rise of online classes) or theeffects (e.g., what happens when certain classes are taught online).

In addition, this is not a persuasive essay.Your opinion or response, if it comes out in your essay, should not be the focus of the essay.The causes or effects should be the focus of the essay.

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