unobstrusive research and evaluation research

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This week’s main DB requires you to select ONE option and complete ALL steps in that option to receive full credit.


1) Access the Qualitative Data Archival link via:
2) Click on “Data Catalogue” the qualitative catalogue.
3) Select and type in a primary discipline such as law, crime and justice or psychology or sociology or social anthropology.
4) Summarize the types of studies that are retrieved, and,
5) Select two of the studies and summarize what the study was about and the type of data that was collected.
6) Use proper APA formatting


1) Access the following site and to click on “an evaluation culture”:
2) What characteristics does the author indicate are needed for an organization to develop an evaluation culture? Do you agree? Why or why not?
3) Visit the American Evaluation Association’s website at:
4) Click on the link “Guiding Principles for Evaluators” under the Publications heading.
5) Which of the principles noted by this professional association are most important for sociologists? The least?
6) Use APA formatting

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