easy coding exercises

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read over chapter 1 and 2 and go through chapter 3 and practice all of the examples. You may want to use a text editor like notepad++ to create your needed files.

Assignment 1will consist of the following:

You will need to submit all of the code for the maps in Chapter 4, 5 and 6. You may want to zip them all in one file to make it easier to attach

Just a note on the code for the Google Maps labs that we will be working on. I do realize that you can find the some completed code online for the text pre-written….. however, if I find anyone submitting this code as their work and not actually doing their own work by typing and testing out the examples themselves, you will receive a 0 for all the Google Lab Assignments and a significant part of the final exam will be switched to code based questions for the entire class.

Assignment 2

For this assignment be sure to complete all of the sample maps from chapters 7 and 8.  Be sure to submit these files


please be carful with what written in red color.

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