nursing journal editor required 1

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You will find everything  in here ( project details + attachment with professor comments + last writer work) Download all files to check professor comments  :

Client feedback :

I got a feedback from my professor .. This is mypaperagain. I just received it from my previous editor but she did not have much time to continue working on it so I need your help with it.

Here is asampleof an article similar to my article and published in the same journal I amplanningto publish in.

My professor wants me to find an article similar to my article in the same journal and read it .. She wants me to read the discussion section and do the same thing with my discussion section.. So please help me with this coz what u have done before was not what she wants .. She did not like it at all and she accused me of not bothering myself to read any article published in the same journal to compare it to my discussion section although you told you have already done that.

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