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20150629172408jeffrey_zaslow.docx .. This is the essay. 

The prompt:

Background Readings (in American Mashup)

1.Jeffrey Zaslow, “The Most Praised Generation Goes to Work,” pp. 550-556

2.Jamie Pritscher, “Yes, I’m 26. And Yes, I Do the Hiring,” pp. 557-560

3.Daniel Brook, “Usury Country: Welcome to the Birthplace of Payday Lending,” pp. 568-575

4.Barbara Ehrenreich, “Nickel-and-Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America,” pp. 577-591

5.John Richardson, “The Tao of Plumbing: No Pipes, No Civilization,” pp. 593-600

Writing Task 

Choose a key point made in one of the assigned readings to discuss in an essay of at least three pages. Answer the following questions as your primary focus:

How accurate is the key point made by the writer? Why is this point accurate or inaccurate, valid or not? 

You must limit your discussion to one specific point made in the assigned reading that you choose to discuss, not all of the points that the writer makes. Keep the emphasis on a main idea rather than on a minor point or detail. 

Early in your essay, you will need to summarize the overall reading and, in particular, the key point that it makes that you’re going to discuss. This provides a context for discussion of the idea you choose but limits the amount of attention given to the rest of the reading. 

You may use additional outside sources to help you make your points, but you are not required to do so for this essay. That is optional. 



here some helpful info in the margins of each page. You can use them as you editing.


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