childcare class question 106

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300 words

For this discussion board you will be thinking of yourself as an intentional teacher.

Characteristics of intentional teaching include:

  • High expectations
  • Planning and management
  • Learning oriented classrooms
  • Engaging activities
  • Thoughtful questioning
  • Feedback

You will choose three of the characteristics and apply the descriptions of these characteristics to yourself and your teaching. Be sure to include examples from your personal experiences that support your ideas.


part 2

300 words

When it comes to child-guided and adult-guided activities it is possible to teach almost anything either way, but what is the best way?

For this discussion, choose an age group and a skill or activity from the list below  and describe the activity as a teacher-directed activity and then as a child-guided activity.

Finally, you will share your ideas about which way is the better way to teach this skill. Below are some sample skills you could use. Feel free to use these or come up with skills on your own. Be sure the skills you chose are developmentally appropriate for the age group you have chosen for this activity.

  • One-to-one correspondence
  • Patterns
  • Sequencing
  • Retelling a story
  • Self-help skills (tying, buttoning, dressing,)

kids 2 to 3 years old

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