answer two 2 of those 6 questions based on this powerpoint

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The discussion questions are as follows:

Answer two (2)of those 6 questions based on this powerpoint.

1) .What do you feel are some of the benefits of conducting a conflict analysis?

  • 2 ) Thinking of the ways that you use mediation in your professions, how can understanding mediation in other geographic regions help you in your day-to-day practices?
  • 3) In your own lives, what are your disputes most driven by? (refer to Circle of Conflict)
  • 4 ) Which principle/practice demonstrated in conflict transformation would you have the most difficult time with, and why? (Bush & Folger, pg. 67-68).
  • 5 ) In what kind of situation would you utilize value centered mediation?

6.In a dispute, what form of identity do you use as a means of entitlement most?

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