weekly summary marketing

Write a weekly summary discussing what “you” have learned this week… you can go off these questions and the marketing papers. This has to be done today by 3pm mountain time


“We’ve all completed surveys in our lifetimes. Share a personal example of when you received what you feel was a poorly designed survey. In your opinion, specifically, what elements made the survey a poor research tool? Do you feel that the survey would ultimately be able to provide useful marketing data? Why or why not? What things, specifically, would you recommend to improve the final survey?



“In group dynamics, there often emerges several personality types including those who dominate a group and those who refrain from contributing in a group. Focus groups are only useful when an environment of balanced collaboration is established. As a moderator for a focus group, what sorts of tactics would you employ to ensure that everyone’s voice is equally heard and that no one person either dominates or retreats from the final contribution

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