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There are many social-environmental challenges facing our world that result from the interactions of natural resource disparities, pollution, increasing industrialization, among others. In the current century, increasing population and changing climate will exacerbate many resource and food scarcity issues worldwide. The goal of this assignment is to research a significant social-environmental problem outside of the USA that has not been covered in class. It is especially important that you are personally interested in this issue and are compelled to help.


You must produce a well-written and thoroughly copyedited paper, free of grammatical and typographical errors and at least 5 pages in length.

Your work must address the following points in at least 2-3 paragraphs each per point:

(1) Describe the environmental problem and why you’re are interested in it.

(2) Tell how human actions are creating stress on a natural system.

(3) Review at least two proposed solutions to the problem.

(4) Envision how you foresee yourself becoming part of the solution to the problem.

(5) Assuming money and time off are abundant, what will be the main challenges to your efforts in creating positive change in the affected region?

Your paper must include a one-page budget that provides:

(1) Proposed costs for your travel and lodging expenses.

(2) Justification for these expenses.

Lastly, your paper must include at least one scholarly article and one-page reference list (i.e. bibliography).

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