essay about a book called an enemy of the people by henrik ibsen

Pick one topic. Use of secondary sources is optional, but if you do, restrict research to the library databases or books from the library. No sites like Sparknotes, Schmoop, Gradesaver, etc. For all topics, you should be doing some “close reading analysis” of key passages from the play. Don’t quote too much from the play, however. Instead, use summary and paraphrase for most of your evidence. Only quote when you absolutely need to.

the topic is :

* Write an essay that argues for the rightness of Dr. Stockmann’s cause and the wrongness of his brother Peter’s reasons for shutting him down. On what basis did you decide this issue?

requirement :

1. write at least 800 word.

2. use the instructions above to the essay related to the topic that been choose.

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4. be clear to the topic

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