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Authentic Speech:

Please upload a typed Word document using MLA formatting, double space and Times New Roman 12’ font to complete the following assignment:

Please Read the Authentic Speech.docx. Write a five to seven paragraph- (at least 7 sentences per paragraph) essay in which you discuss your thoughts on the importance of knowing and using culturally competent language (2-3 paragraphs). Please answer the following questions (devote at least one paragraph to each question:

(1.) Having read the materials on authentic speech including the definitions, please discuss what you will take away from this module and how you will use this information to become a culturally competent intercultural communicator.

(2.) Please explain what you will do or have done when you find yourself witnessing a discriminating or hateful verbal attack upon a friend, classmate, or an individual you might not know. If you will not intervene, explain why.

(3.) Please discuss if your will or how you can share the information contained in the literature with family members, classmates, and or others in other to enlighten them in regards to their need to become a more culturally competent communicator.

(4.) Finally, choose one of the court cases included and explain what punishment or outcome of the case would you like to see? Explain why you feel that way.


Read instructions closely.

Failure to follow the instructions and/or length required will result in requesting a refund.

PLEASE let me know if any clarification.

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