1 describe the core marketing functions within an organization

Make corrections. There are three categories of marketing functions: exchange functions, physical functions, and facilitating functions. *Each one should be defined and explained.*Discussion should include the microcosm of the internal business itself and the larger macrocosms it operates in, such as the cultural, societal, and legal realms. You should also discuss the relationship-building process between organizations and their customers that center on customer satisfaction and understand how consumers develop product and service loyalty and how companies maintain consumer retention. In addition, discussion of the multiple influences of the consumer decision-making process with a discussion of marketing research and its applicability. The five P’s of marketing could also be discussed here. Please reduce the number of direct quotes in your paper, I am unable to award you full points if the words in the paper are not yours. Paraphrasing/using your own words is a better option to demonstrate the knowledge you have gained from the coursework and your research.

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