must have netflix and book 13th 2016 documentary available on netflix

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Watch the documentary 13th (2016). Documentary available on Netflix and write a 750-1000 word essay on what you learned from the documentary and how it relates to the topics of our class. Going over 1000 word limit is ok.

Writing Your Essay

The essay should reflect careful thought, writing, and attention to form. The essay is a form of expository prose, a kind of writing in which you argue several points. Once you selected your documentary, watch it several times, noting the thesis and the subpoints in the reading. You can also note aspects of style that affect the strengths and weaknesses in the article, and how well the article develops its main ideas and subpoints. If you are not familiar with the topic/issue discussed in the documentary, you will need to do additional research to learn about the event/topic/issue covered in the news article.

Work on this essay similarly to how you completed your first assignment. Begin with an outline, write a draft, then refine your essay.

Additional Research Required

To support your analysis, you must cite at least 2 scholarly sources. These have to be in addition to sources you read as part of the course. So citing course readings is strongly suggested but will not count towards the 2 source requirement.




(13th (2016). Documentary available on Netflix)

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