history hw 19

WWII on the Eastern Front

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After reading Michael Cherniavsky’s article, describe how the author feels the War in the East has been misrepresented and why? (Respond to your classmates posts.)

For an “A” (9-10 pts. weekly): a discussion grade of “A” will require you to have all your postings completed before the deadlines (which are noted on the Calendar), demonstrate excellent knowledge and understanding of the readings, responses (be tactful and nice) and questions for your classmates, and at least two quality postings per week spread out over the entire discussion period. At least one posting each week should be in response to your classmates’ postings. Your views, opinions, thoughts, must be thoughtful and supported with appropriate information from the readings or videos. If you express an opinion try to support it with material from our readings and videos and indicate the page number, if appropriate, where you found the support.

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