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I need help writing my final essay in my internship class. He says it has to be about 5-10 pages but I would really only need 4 pages at that.

Here is his directions:

Post your final 5-10 page essay here. At the conclusion of the internship, each student will submit an end of internship 5-10 page essay paper that revisits the knowledge acquisition, performance assessment, personal growth, professional development and civic goals and objectives set by the student at the outset of the internship. The paper will also reflect upon the job performed by the intern and indicate how the duties of the intern impacted the overall agency functioning. Additionally, the student will reflect upon his/her personal strengths and weaknesses discovered during the internship and provide proposals for enhancement of his/her personality and work ethic as the result of the internship experience. Lastly, the student will describe how the internship has enhanced his/her knowledge of the career which the intern intends to pursue and assess whether the internship has positively or negatively impacted the student’s desire to pursue the profession he/she sought.

To help you a little bit, overall I had a great experience and it was very fun to work with. I will submit my mid semester essay to help guide you in a way.

Double Space , 4 Pages , APA Format, 12 Font , Times New Roman

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