persuasive speech 36

what are the disadvantageous or harms of not recycling (not recycling probably) on the Environment?

1. Explain 3-4 harms on the environment. These harms must include empirical support (logos). explain the magnitude of these harms. It is hard to convince people to take action when only a few people are affected. Show how serious and large the problem is.

2. Inherency (Inherent Barriers) – What are the sources of the problem? What is stopping the issue from being resolved

Attitudinal – What attitudes are present in society that are stopping the issue from being resolved? How have these attitudes been formed? Who has these attitudes? Think, public perception, misinformation. ( maybe people do not have enough knowledge about the harms ?!).

Structural – What laws/systems/rules are in place that are inhibiting the problem from being resolved? Is it constitutional? State/National laws/Policies? Think systemic … what is it about the system we live in that is stopping this issue from being resolved? ( maybe not having punishment for not recycling ?! )


Plan – You must propose a solution for the problem you are discussing. Your plan must be well thought.

Practicality – Demonstrate how practical your plan is.Often, plans will include creating awareness, spreading knowledge, and judicial processes. You can be creative as well; think celebrity endorsements, funding opportunities, etc.

(I want 4 pages double space, but the first two page must be for explanation of the harms only that’s the main point, point 1) the other two page are for point 2 & 3

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