reading assignment and answering

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For each reading i need Rhetorical Précis

Rhetorical Précis Submission for Readings One-Two

For today, you’ll submit –

  • your text annotations for readings one-two
  • a rhetorical précis and your response questions for readings one-two

Readings One-Two

  • Aviva Chomsky, Undocumented, “Introduction,” pp. 1-10
  • Council on Foreign Relations, “The U.S. Immigration Debate,” pp. 1-9

Text Annotations

Submit your text annotations. To create your annotations, you may use Adobe Acrobat (see directions below). You may also convert pdfs to Word and use Word tools to annotate, print texts and handwrite your annotations, or choose another method that works for you. Try to produce a single document for each annotated text.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader for Desktops

Rhetorical Precis Instructions

Write all précis on a single, continuous document as shown in the template to minimize the number of attachments.

Note: It’s not necessary to produce Works Cited entries for texts I provide. So although you’ll see Works Cited entries on the templates, it’s not necessary to include any this week.

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