buddhism and journeys

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  1. Buddhism and Journeys: One of the authors in Pointed towards the Sun relied on the teachings of Buddha to overcome obstacles related to moving to another country. In the ancient world, Buddhist pilgrims and missionaries journeyed thousands of miles sustained by their Buddhist beliefs. Why would a journey of thousands of miles be no obstacle for the Buddhist faithful? How have Buddhist teachings helped migrants, pilgrims, and missionaries of the past and of today deal with the difficult task of leaving home for a foreign land? Begin this paper with “Sati and Sampajanna” by Bulan Thassanid in Pointed towards the Sun
  2. Requirements:
    • 4-6 pages. You must have at least four FULL pages. (Excluding the works cited page.)
    • ONE primary source (a source that is of origin to the period you are studying; i.e. the Prophet Muhammad’s Last Sermon)
    • ONE book (not the textbook)
    • Double space, 12 point font
    • One inch margins
    • Page numbers
    • Indent paragraphs
    • Works cited/bibliography page
    • In-text citations
    • Use MLA for citations and bibliography
    • Submit final copy on Canvas
    • ONLY use library databases… here are helpful ones they recommended
    • Academic Search Premier
    • LexisNexis Academic
    • Ancient and Medieval History Online
    • Gale World History in Context

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