Using Tracert

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Hands-on Activity 9C: Using TRACERT (9.2)


TRACERT is a simple command that enables you to see the route that an IP packet takes as it moves in the Internet. In this activity, using your computers at home you will trace the route(s) without using a VPN .

NOTE: If you have VPN at home, you may try using it just to see the difference in display output.

goole screen


1. Using your computer at home , go to your command prompt and execute tracert If you want to use another institution you may do so. Click ENTER.

2. Take a screen shot of your display output. There is a sample screen, Figure 9-17 on p. 273. The results you obtained may vary from Figure 9-17 . Keep in mind each computer has its own unique setting.

3. Now trace the route from your computer to

4. Take a screen shot of your output.

5. Create a new WORD document and paste your two screen captures for steps #2 and #4 in this document. Write a short essay (3 – 4 paragraphs) describing your project results and explain the contents of your screen captures.

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