Week 2 Discussion CRJU 8350- Michaleen Bickham

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Offer an alternative explanation for how these patterns of criminal activity and violence affected constitutional law and political freedom.

The eighteenth century was fierce, off-color, tarnished, stinking age; hanging days were city occasions and thousands supported the villains their approach to Tyburn and bandied chat with them a couple of moments before they kicked their foot rear areas noticeable all around on being propelled into endlessness. It was an age in which life was frightfully dubious; for instance, from 1730-49 the internments of youngsters under fie were, as per the London Bills of Mortality, 75 percent of the considerable number of kids dedicated, when the mortality of foundings (those kids endowed to the care of the ward house; nurture frequently poured gin down the throats of babies to dispose of them and gather the singular amount given for the help of the kids) summed, Jonas Hanway stated,”to 80 or 90 percent, or if you please, upon those received under 12 months old, 99 percent. (Sherwin, 1946)

Aside from this horrific act, the laws were not much different from today. Trial by jury in criminal cases had many similarities in the Middle Ages they used writs and sheriffs, and in modern times we still use these same functions. While every single lawful framework have a similar motivation behind controlling and orchestrating the human movement inside there particular social orders, and in every general public, the lawful framework shapes some portion of the way of life and development and also the history and the life of its people.

While common law does rely on some scattered statutes, which are legislative decisions, it is largely based on precedent, meaning the judicial decisions that have already been made in similar cases. … As a result, judges have an enormous role in shaping the American and British law. (Dainow, 1966-67)


Sherwin, O. (1946). Crime and Punishment in England of the Eighteenth Century. The American Journal of Economics and Sociology, 5(2), 169-199. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/3483581

Joseph Dainow, “The Civil Law and the Common Law: Some Points of Comparison,” American Journal of Comparative Law 15 (1966-7), p. 419-35.


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