Week 3 _ assignment: analyzing group techniques

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Interpersonal Group Therapy for Addiction Recovery Demonstration

A demonstration of interpersonal group therapy for clients in recovery from addiction. Powerful drama combined with expert commentary to show how this model of relapse prevention can be effective in the field of addiction.



this training aid was developed to help

address the clear gap in education and

skills evidence in the field of

substance misuse treatment one of the

main ways people suffering from

addiction problems are offered support

is through some form of activity in

groups however professionals who lead

these groups all too often don’t have a

framework to understand how best to use

groups there is an absence of a

theoretical model and a lack of

understanding of what is likely to be

helpful in a group what you see

presented here is influenced strongly by

the work of Ervin yalom and Phillip

Flores who have both written extensively

on this topic here and have gotten I

need to point to the grade

Jimmy could you go on please it’s my mum

she died last year

are you still

it’s too careful

there’s the have to keep I just have to

give her a medication stop her from

being in pain

but used to steal them steal them just

for for a hit

thanks for sharing that Jimmy that’s

pretty big stuff

we’ve all got secrets me I’ve done stuff

I’m not proud of it’s not just shooting

me I was using none of my family riding

might include me except for my granddad

he’s the only one I had in contact with

it’s pretty old oh you just sent me down

to the post office to get his pension

every week and I used to make the money

because I need it to use it’s just money

this is medication medication that

actually stopped her from being in pain

I’ve stolen for my family might not be

the same circumstances

I could certainly relate to the feelings

of shame and guilt

how did she cope to me drugs heroin meth

just anything my addiction takes us


Jimmy Jimmy this is really pretty to

bring this degree Jimmy do you think you

could let the group know what it is

about the group today that’s allowed you

to share this yeah but I am

Gemma she got one revolt like real

vulnerable like I just felt closer to

her really close

I’m wondering if you answered my

question there was it do you think about

this from that let me share that I don’t

know really

maybe the traps sort of trust them no no

no you know the real me Jimmy it sounds

like you’ve been holding this in

requital for quite a while

what were you worried about what were

you frightened about if you told the

group about this what’s afraid of who’s

gonna respect someone like me who’s

gonna respect someone that steals

medication of their mum doesn’t change

the way I feel about you

that took a lot that’s what you just

done I could never do that

it’s really great

just remember those in you Jimmy has the

Edit Jimmy do me I just had to see it

was great that you managed to get it out

there during this process Jimmy is

clearly sitting in a lot of discomfort

and when he finally speaks the rest of

the group appeared to detect this and

give a rapt attention it’s clear

something different is going on now

disclosures such as Jimmy’s can be

fairly common in addiction support

groups when there’s enough cohesiveness

in the group and readiness in the

individual to disclose there can’t be

very powerful agents of change for a

number of reasons but should never be

forced some clients get the message from

certain treatment philosophies that

you’re only as sick as your secrets or

that unless you expose your shame it

will eat you up and sabotage your

recovery there’s absolutely no evidence

to support either of these views however

if when people are ready to disclose

shameful aspects of themselves

it gives a clear message of trust which

almost always brings the group members

closer together by giving others

permission to take risks and make

further disclosures themselves there are

a number of benefits for the group and

for the individual in this as other

group members identify with Jimmy they

also are taking risks and exposing their

vulnerability entering into the circle

of trust with him however Jimmy seems

too wrapped up in his remorse to receive

the gifts offered to him at first but

the communication clearly takes the

group to a much deeper and more involved

level of interaction than previously

even mark shows some interpersonal

sensitivity with his identification

rather than focusing historically on the

content of the disclosure as Nathan does

Jax takes the opportunity to stimulates

the second stage of interpersonal

learning in the here-and-now after the

first stage a genuine emotionally Laden

inter personal experience has occurred

the therapist has the opportunity to

help the group illuminate the process in

this case

Jax invites what we might call a meta

disclosure a disclosure about the

disclosure pointing the group into the

here and now inviting them to explore

what the event said about the

relationships between the people in the

group by asking what allowed him to

share his story Jim is able to highlight

how another member of the group has

affected him and how he feels towards

them as a result Jax probes further and

Jimmy is able to highlight how he’s

developed trust with the members of the

group this will have a tangible effect

on the relationships with the other

members and on the group as a whole but

by saying now you all know the real me

Jimmy betrays continued feelings of


so Tim offers another classic

intervention designed to elicit further

meta disclosure by asking what he was

afraid would happen if he shared this

Jimmy’s been able to identify the root

of his shame in the group that people

would reject him and disrespect him this

reveals an even deeper level of intimacy

as he shares his fears

however the fear catastrophe doesn’t

occur people are quite clear that on the

contrary rather than looking down on him

for his past actions they admire and

respect his current honesty and courage

when someone realizes that they are not

judged by others about historical

actions which they judge themselves it

can be a great help to that person to

give up their self judgement and put

those events in the past

Assignment: Analyzing Group Techniques

Group therapy can alleviate feelings of isolation and foster a supportive and collaborative environment for sharing difficult feelings in order to facilitate healing. For many people, being part of a group that has a shared understanding of a struggle provides a unique opportunity to gain understanding of their own experiences.

As you examine one of the group therapy demonstrations from this week’s Learning Resources, consider the role and efficacy of the leader and the reasons that specific therapeutic techniques were selected.

To prepare:

· Select one of the group therapy video demonstrations from this week’s required media Learning Resources. (See Transcript – attached and video link below)


INSTRUCTIONS – The Assignment

In a 4- to 5 page paper, identify the video you selected and address the following:

· What group therapy techniques were demonstrated? How well do you believe these techniques were demonstrated?

· What evidence from the literature supports the techniques demonstrated? 

· What did you notice that the therapist did well?

· Explain something that you would have handled differently.

· What is an insight that you gained from watching the therapist handle the group therapy?

· Now imagine you are leading your own group session. How would you go about handling a difficult situation with a disruptive group member? How would you elicit participation in your group? What would you anticipate finding in the different phases of group therapy? What do you see as the benefits and challenges of group therapy?  

· Support your reasoning with at least three peer-reviewed, evidence-based sources, and explain why each of your supporting sources is considered scholarly. Attach the PDFs of your sources.



 The School of Nursing requires that all papers submitted include a title page, introduction, summary, and references. APA 7 Format


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