Week 4 assignment – chapters 10, 11 and 12 /no plagarism professor

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Chapter 10

  1. What factors contribute to high correctional populations? What impact do drug laws have on them?
  2. Name and describe at least four of the major U.S. Supreme Court decisions affording rights to prisoners.
  3. What is a direct supervision jail, and how does it differ in design and function from traditional jails?
  4. How do super max prisons operate differently from other prisons? What concerns have been raised concerning their alleged effects on inmates, constitutionality, and public safety?
  5. Why was the Prison Litigation Reform Act enacted? Has it made an impact in that regard?

Chapter 11

1. What are the different responsibilities of the warden and other prison administrators?

2. What are the types of correctional officers, per Farkas? Describe each.

3. What are the primary roles of jail administrators?

4. What are the means by which corrections personnel can become corrupted, and what can their administrators do to address and prevent such corruption?

5. What are the three types of inmates who engage in inappropriate relationships with correctional staff members?

Chapter 12

  1. What were the Supreme Court’s decisions regarding juveniles committing capital crimes and juveniles committing crimes that could result in a life without parole sentence?
  2. What are some stated advantages and disadvantages of privatization? What do available studies report regarding its efficacy?
  3. Discuss several issues involving the incarceration of mentally ill inmates.
  4. Discuss whether or not the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003 has been successful.
  5. How would you define and describe the underlying philosophy of intermediate sanctions? Why are they so widely used, and what do studies reveal concerning their efficacy?

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